The OdourMate produces ozone or ‘enriched’ oxygen with a little electricity from the air. Ozone is a highly effective de-odourisation agent, stronger than chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

Unlike fragrances which merely mask the odour, the OdourMate destroys the offending compounds through oxidization with ozone.

This gas is widely used as an oxidant to ‘burn-up’ odours and as a disinfectant killing any bacteria, virus, mould and fungus. Yet, despite this, it is a gas so natural reverting back to oxygen without leaving any harmful chemical byproducts.

The machine is robust and simple to operate. 

Built with premium quality components, this machine will give years of economical performance. 


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For removing the toughest odours Elavo recommends ozone shock treatment.


1. Place the Elavo ozone generator in the affected space

2. Turn on the Elavo ozone generator on for 30min to 8 hours

3. Close the windows and doors; don't allow anyone into the affected area as the ozone can cause coughing 

4. Enjoy your odour free environment 

See the OdourMate live in this video



900 Litre/hour ozone gas flow

Ozone production on dry air Ozone Gas Flow Output Treats up to Up to 5,000 ppm, 900 Litres / hour, 600 m3 / 20,000 cu.ft room size

Power Consumption: 80 Watt

Supply: 220-240Vac / 0.25A / 50Hz

Dimensions LxWxH (mm) / Weight: 345 x 155 x 270 / 6 Kg

Operating conditions Power Inlet: 0-35 Degrees Celsius (non condensing) 75% Relative Humidity IEC 3-pin male socket with 1.8m NZ/AUS power cord