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Cleaning with ozone offers many benefits but the stand out is that bacteria and viruses are quickly killed and even the toughest odours are removed. All with a nifty chemical reaction that breaks down the cell walls of bacteria or changing the composition of odour causing compounds so they loose their ability to smell. You will find out why our customers love ozone and what clean really feels like.  




Did you know that the FDA has declared the main ingredient in antibacterial soap, triclosan, to be ineffective in killing bacteria and unhealthy. 

While it became popular in the 90's for its apparent abilities to inhibit the fatty acids found in bacteria that it uses to multiply. However this chemical only worked in a study sponsored by Colgate to remove plaque and gingival inflammation.

Independent studies show that triclosan is not significantly effective in killing bacteria.

Thankfully there is a solution, the ozone external tap fitting. It installs easily onto any tap and when you turn it on the ozone is able to kill bacteria fast and its all completely natural.

Ozone Tap

Clean with activated oxygen anytime you need to kill bacteria. Our favourites are; floors, surfaces, brushes, sponges, kitchen sinks, bathing pets, washing clothes, washing chicken, rinsing seafood, keeping organic veggies fresher for longer and also cleaning water bottles. 



OZONE water

Ozone generators are amazing at keeping your home clean effortlessly. All you need to to is turn on your tap and the ozone generator will activate. The chemical reaction lasts for 30 minutes so you can even put it in a bottle and spray away. Ozone is powerful cleaning at your fingertips and it is all completely natural. While ozone does not get rid of organic compounds like physical dirt, we recommend a natural non-citrus soap to emulsify and lift off any unwanted waste.  






Sometimes the best smell is nothing at all. Often cigarette, cooking, pet smoke gets absorbed into all the interior fibres and other hard to reach places. It is near impossible to get rid of and putting up with it is not always the answer. You don’t have to put up with awful smells in your home – there are easy solutions that can remove the toughest odour within 30 minutes. A safe, eco-friendly, effective machine to eliminate odours and sanitising any indoor environment


How Ozone removes the toughest odours

In extreme circumstances where there is a disastrous smell lurking then it is recommended to do shock treatment. Ozone should never be above 1ppm when people are around however when drastic action is needed then closing all windows, doors and not letting anyone inside a particular room for a few hours will allow enough of the ozone to build up to tackle tough odours. Once the time has passed then opening the doors again will allow the ozone to dissipate and it will be comfortable for people to breathe the air.

Watch the OdourMate Live



The OdourMate produces ozone or ‘enriched’ oxygen with a little electricity from the air. Unlike fragrances which merely mask the odour, the OdourMate destroys the offending compounds through oxidization with ozone.  The machine is robust and simple to operate. It comes with a 2m long ozone delivery hose for placement of the machine outside the treatment area. Built with premium quality components, this machine will give years of economical performance.



Ozone has a unique ability to use the air we breathe to remove odours in a short lived chemical reaction that is trigged with a little electricity. Leading corona discharge technology efficiently creates high amounts of ozone to quickly oxidise odour causing compounds. This process essentially changes the chemical composition of the odours so they become something else and the affect is that they don’t smell anymore. Ozone is all around us; it is the smell after a lightening storm, by some waterfalls or even inside photocopying machines. The ozone layer protects us from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. While ozone is created in nature spontaneously, an ozone generator can make it for you on demand by plugging it into a power source.  Quality elavo ozone generators are light weight, and portable so that any location can be free from unwanted smells.

Hear from those who use ozone


This thing was the miracle we were looking for!

“We bought a home with a damp, moldy and musty smell.  The previous owners also had dogs and cats so that smell was in the vents, in the closets, everywhere!  So between the stinky animals and the musty smell – we could hardly stand to go inside. A friend recommended an ozone generator which we left on over night. The next day when we came back to the house to work, we walked in the front door and about fell over.  The nasty, musty, moldy, stinky smell was gone.  COMPLETELY GONE!  It was crazy and we were shocked.  It just smelled….like….nothing.   There was no smell, just fresh clean air. This thing was the miracle we were looking for!”


I can’t go back to cheap alternatives

“Now that I have used ozone, I can’t go back to cheap alternatives. Although it cost $745 to buy,  I use it for just about everything. My favourite uses are to get rid of cooking smells, especially when I cook seafood. I even use it to clean chicken and my fridge. I have gotten quite sick with salmonella in the past and putting the ozone generator on when I am preparing a roast chicken kills all the bugs. My fridge gets a heavy pounding with all the food I keep and often gets mouldy or feels dirty. I clean out all the crumbs and then turn the ozone generator on for a few minutes. It just smells great and has that clean new look to it that I like. I also like to clean sponges or dish brushes as they get a bit grimy sitting around. Its just an easy way to keep everything clean rather than scrubbing away or getting in professional cleaners. ”


Love washing my vegetables

"Yes, very happy with it. Installed it myself and it works perfectly. Love washing my vegetables from the supermarket and letting dry before putting in the refrigerator, just knowing that any chemical has been removed. Great for washing bananas and they seem to last longer before discolouring. The water is refreshing to drink, but I always glass bottle it from the tap and let sit for about 30 mins before drinking. Certainly tastes great. Every home should have one for better health."



No significant ongoing costs

Elavo ozone generators run on a small amount of electricity, comparable to a small light bulb. Never have to spend on on volumes products to keep your home clean, Elavo ozone literally runs on air. Care for the environment by not using harmful chemicals.