Antibacterial soap does not kill bacteria, find out what does

It may come as a surprise that last last year the FDA released a statement that antibacterial soap is unhealthy. The reason for this is the study that uncovered that the main ingredient in antibacterial soap, triclosan is unhealthy for you and ineffective in killing bacteria.While it became popular in the 90's for its apparent abilities to inhibit the fatty acids found in bacteria that it uses to multiply. However this chemical only worked in a study sponsored by Colgate to remove plaque and gingival inflammation.

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Olivia HoltzComment
Understanding ozone for your home

“In its normal state, oxygen exists as two atoms bound together (O2). Ozone is unstable. That extra oxygen atom wants to hook up with other material, like unwanted microorganisms in water filtration systems. For the purpose of disinfecting water, ozone comes in contact with contaminants and pathogens that can damage equipment and get in the water supply. The extra oxygen atom oxidizes the contaminant and the O3 becomes O2—just plain old oxygen.”

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