Have you ever looked of a healthy, natural and sustainable cleaning product that actually works? We got so frustrated that we decided to source our own, launching ELAVO in Sydney 2017.

Having spent over 20 years of working with ozone in commercial applications in Auckland, New Zealand with our main brand Novozone. We are impressed with its ability to kill bacteria and viruses both quickly and easily all with a little electricity and oxygen.

The main uses of ozone are on commercial bottling, food manufacturing and wine barrel washing as it meets the strict standards needed in the food industry.

We decided to help educate men, women and families about the benefits of ozone that might otherwise be unaware. Most of us turn to harsh chemicals or eco friendly versions that are not able to clean fully. Ozone is a clean technology, that reduces the harmful impact on the environment and being sustainable, with low running costs.

  • We wanted to explore technology to kill bacteria and viruses completely and with our harsh chemicals

  • Because we felt that our friends children should not have to be exposed to cheap and toxic cleaning chemicals, we wanted to create a natural and safe environment

  • We also wanted something that would fit within out busy lives, it puts a lot of stress and effort to create a clean home, we wanted something that we could wave a magic wand and our home would be clean or switch on to be more realistic

  • And we wanted products that wouldn’t damage the environment

We believe that everyone should be able to access the technology of the future to for keeping your home clean. Without the effort, protecting the environment and working effectively for you.

Living close to Bondi Beach we greatly enjoy the natural beauty surrounding us and we would like to do everything we can to maintain the Australian natural  beauty we enjoy each day.

ELAVO is owned and operated by Olivia H, who has a Masters of Marketing at the University of Sydney. Olivia works closely with highly skilled engineers to bring the highest quality ozone generators and products to market. 

We also have a dedicated commercial portal, learn more.